Crypto Popitz

Crypto Popitz #1

Crypto Popitz #1 is a rare and valuable NFT that marks the beginning of an infinite collection. As the first Popitz NFT ever created, it holds a special place in the collection’s history and is highly sought after by collectors.

With only a few Popitz #1 in existence, it is the most rare and unique NFT in the collection. This makes it incredibly valuable and a prized possession for any collector who is lucky enough to own it.

As the start of an infinite collection, Popitz #1 is a significant piece of digital art that represents the beginning of a journey. It sets the tone for what’s to come, and its importance will only continue to grow as the collection expands.

If you’re a collector looking to add a rare and valuable NFT to your collection, Popitz #1 is a must-have. Its significance, combined with its rarity, makes it an excellent investment and a valuable addition to any collection.

Crypto Popitz #100

Popitz #100 is a milestone in the Popitz collection, representing a significant achievement and a major milestone in the journey of the collection. As the 100th Popitz NFT in the collection, it is a unique and special piece of digital art that is highly valued by collectors.

To celebrate this milestone, the owner of Popitz #100 will receive an exclusive and unique NFT giveaway. This NFT will be a 3D animated version of Popitz #100, which will be a one-of-a-kind addition to any collector’s portfolio.

The animated NFT giveaway will feature a custom design that has been created specifically for Popitz #100. This design will showcase the intricate details of the NFT, bringing it to life in a dynamic and exciting way.

As a collector, owning Popitz #100 and the exclusive animated NFT giveaway will be a unique and exciting addition to your collection. It represents a significant milestone in the Popitz journey and a rare opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind piece of digital art. So, if you’re looking to add something special to your collection, Popitz #100 and its accompanying animated NFT giveaway are not to be missed.



Phygital Sticker Booklet

Hey Popitz collectors! We’ve got some exciting news for you on this special day. Starting from April 1st, our limited edition Popitz sticker booklet will be available for FREE! 👀

This booklet will be available once you have 10 Popitz NFT.
This is the perfect way to keep your Popitz sticker collection organized and protected, with enough space for all your favorite characters.
Plus, the collection comes with 4 surprise unlockable digital content for the ones who find them! 😲

Don’t wait until it’s too late, make sure to get your hands on this exclusive item and show off your Popitz pride.

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